Surf Guiding

New to Adventure one from autumn 2014 is surf guiding. This package is for the improver/intermediate surfers who want to surf the best conditions the day has got to offer, The adventure one crew study the charts for the day and use their local knowledge where will be best to score the best waves. Donegal offers the best waves in the world from miles of beach breaks, reef/point breaks, sheltered nooks and grannies your guaranteed to score perfect offshore waves on the really big days and small days. We go where the waves are best for the day, scoring dawnies and sunset sessions to make sure we get our target surf spot at its best. You will also be surfing waves that will push your surfing ability. We provide transport but only limited spaces. This is the best way to get away from the crowds and surf quality uncrowded waves in the rural areas of Donegal. The price of a half day guided trip is €40 per person with a minimum of 2 people and €75 for a full day (no accommodation). Autumn/Winter swells are starting to pulse so what you waiting for, lets pack the van and go!

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